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“I have always been alkalizing myself with gluten free foods, eating plenty of greens, and watching my diet to avoid processed foods. It’s now been given a name -“the Alkaline Diet”. I learned about the amazing products from SevenPoint2 through my brother, Dr. Howard Cohn who is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of these high quality supplements. I have been taking the supplements for years now and it’s definitely my “Go to drink” when I want to power up and get the healthy balanced fuel that I need. I highly recommend the SevenPoint2 products because it’s simple yet so good for you. Unlike other brands, it’s made of high quality natural ingredients that make it organic, vegan, sugar-free, soy free, and gluten free. “. – Linda Cohn

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We believe in simple and natural health. Experience the difference of our natural 7.2 alkaline wellness products combined with our simple health and weight loss programs. You’ll feel better every day from the inside out. SevenPoint2 can help you and your family live the life you love and discover the power of you! Alkaline Drive is an independent global distributor of SevenPoint2 products.


Our 7.2 alkaline wellness products counteract the acidity that builds up in your body from the less-than-perfect air we breathe, and foods we eat or drink. When your body is overly acidic, it works harder to try to overcome major health challenges and weight gain. Keep your body in balance and alkaline with 7.2. Be good to your body and experience optimal health benefits!


The perfect pH (power of Hydrogen) for the body is around 7.2, which is why our 7.2 alkaline wellness products are the naturally powerful perfect solution. Don’t wait until you may become susceptible to major health challenges. Restore your pH balance starting now so you can revitalize your health with the 7.2 products through quality sleep, weight loss, increased energy and reduced muscle discomfort – naturally!

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Linda’s Secret Arsenal

How does Linda stay so young looking on SportsCenter all these years? Her secret to staying vibrant emotionally, physically, and mentally is the Alkaline Diet and her shake ritual with SevenPoint2. In 2016, Linda Cohn was featured as having appeared on SportsCenter 5,000 times. Not only that, in 2017 she recently was inducted to the Sports Media Association Hall of Fame. That’s quite a feat for anyone!

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